Blonde hair Color ideas

Blonde hair Color ideas, Tired of looking at the same hairdo every day in front of the mirror? Want that extra something? An eye turner at college? You will be amazed to see what a little change in your hair color could do to your appearance. Those lovely strands of blonde hair can be complemented if you read the following content on blonde hair color ideas.
If this is the first time you are coloring your hair and is you are a bit skeptical about the results try little streaks of your favorite colors and see what it does to you look! Streaks of dark colors like mahogany or brown can highlight your face and make you look different. If you have dark hair color tone and want that perfect platinum blond tone, it is suggested that you don’t go for an overall change and first try streaks of blonde color.
You should choose the shade of blonde color you want as there are several shades of color. Your skin tone should also be taken into account while considering the shade of color you want to use. If you have dark tanned skin then highlights of dark blonde shades works wonders for your look, however if you have pale light colored skin then do not go for very contrasting highlight shades.
Blonde hair Color ideas, The next thing to consider is the length and texture of your hair. If your hair is cropped short then a platinum bond hair color with mahogany streaks work well. If you have long wavy hair then a dark brunette tone will suit your face. Platinum blonde also looks good in long straight hair. Multilayered toning is also in fashion and graduated shades to dark brown at the tips to light blonde at the base gives that punk look that is common among college or high school students.
Blonde hair colors also make you look attractive and sexy but one should not only follow trends blindly but one should also make theirs own style statement. If you are coloring your hair for the first time and want a thorough color then it is suggested that you do not go for a permanent color but use the temporary ones. So that if the color does not suit you it can go off in a few washes. Or if you want the lustrous blonde hair then you should take immense care in coloring your hair because if you have a dark hair color then getting your shade of blonde is difficult and the color should be put on slowly layer after layer to achieve that perfect shade.
Hence this discussion will help you to choose your hair color according to your skin tone, hair length and hair texture. Coloring your hair will be an important step as your hair color shapes your personality and if you can carry it off well then it adds to your personality. So choose you hair color wisely and get set to turn heads on your first day at college or at high school!

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