Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012 pictures
Poppy Montgomery Celebrity Hairstyles 2012
Poppy Montgomery took her hair color up a notch, enriching her already red strands with an even deeper color in June, a blend done by Robert Ramos at Estilo Salon in Los Angeles. “I just thought it was so red and it would be interesting to go dark, so I did it,” . “Some people buy a new dress, I change my hair color.”
Michelle Trachtenberg Celebrity Hairstyles 2012
Michelle Trachtenberg got bright blue ends in May because of her new role as a psycho killer in the thriller The Scribbler, out in 2013. “It wasn’t even something they asked me to do, I just said ‘I think half my head should be blue,’” . While producers denied a full head of blue hair, they compromised with just the tips, and Trachtenberg sought celebrity colorist Tracy Cunningham to dip-dye her strands. “It is super subtle though during the day it is a bright,” she said. “But after the first washing, I thought I killed one of the characters from Avatar!”
Nicole Kidman Celebrity Hairstyles 2012
 The actress debuted brow-skimming bangs and a shorter length in May.
Cheryl Cole Celebrity Hairstyles 2012
The formerly-blond singer unveiled her warm brunet hue at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Amour.
The Once Upon a Time actress traded her sunnier hue for a rich, garnet-flecked auburn in April 2012, a change she made to film her role in the upcoming drama Some Girl(s). “It’s a nice excuse to change things up for a little bit and disappear into a character,” the actress told InStyle
Katy Perry Celebrity Hairstyles 2012
Always one to experiment with bright hair hues, Perry unveiled her violet ‘do at the Coachella Music Festival in April. “Her new color is what I call purple velvet,” her colorist Rita Hazan told . “It’s dark and rich. It’s very punk rock. I love creating colors for her because she always knows how to rock it!

Rihanna Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

Rihanna unveiled her new sable hue with shorn sides at a Battleship press conference in Japan in early April.

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