Mens Hair Color Ideas

Mens Hair Color Ideas, more and more men are taking interest in latest hair color trends and ideas to add zing to their style. Given below are a few tips and tricks to help you find suitable colors for your locks.
Hair Color Ideas for Men

The most important suggestion for choosing the right hair color involves selecting a color that suits your complexion.

Mens Hair Color Ideas Therefore, those with darker skin color should opt for dark shades, whereas the fairer ones can consider light colors. In addition, pick a color that is within two shades of your usual hair color.
Like hair colors for women, Mens Hair Color also vary depending on seasons. That is, during winters, there is more emphasis on darker tones and vice versa for summers.
Flip through various hair coloring guides and magazines to determine colors that would be attractive yet appropriate on your hairstyle.

For example, using tone on tone hair color is an excellent idea for men nowadays.
Shades of brown usually work well on most of the skin types and hair. In case you are interested in creating a sharp look, you can try shades of blonde, preferably on a hairstyle with sharp cuts.
If you have blonde hair, you may pick warm champagne tones.
You can use hair dyes or hair coloring kits to color your hair at home. While doing streaks, just use a few foiling highlights to stay subtle yet alluring.

Here’s a video showing how to color a man hair with the help of foiling.
When opting for highlights, pay attention towards the positioning as well as application. Besides, steer clear of extremely chunky hair highlights.

In fact, try to blend the highlights along with lowlights. As there are so many factors to consider, might as well seek help from a colorist.

In case you have a cool, spiky hairstyle, try lightening the tips of your hair to accessorize your style.
Ideas for covering grey hair focus on choosing a color that is not too dark as it tends to look unnatural. In addition, it is better for men to pick more neutral tones.
For maintenance of the color, use shampoos and conditioners that are meant for color-treated hair, and do touch-ups every 4-6 weeks.

Besides, it is often suggested to color facial hair as well in order to look younger. Thus, you can use brush-in color gels for coloring your beard and mustache.
Unless you are a naturally redheaded guy, avoid going for red hair color. Instead, opt for color tones that suit your style and also seem natural.
As men have been known to be more prone to hair problems, it is better to use organic hair colors.
Ideas for creating a more dramatic look on men involve the use contrasting colors. Plus, you may go with funky, punk style and emo hair colors like blue, green, purple, etc.


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