Long Hairstyle Ideas

Sleek long hairstyles can be a good option to style for any event whether it is a formal or a casual. You can style your long tresses by just adding some variation to it and can make them look gorgeous. Here are some easy long hairstyling tips to help you get a perfect hairstyle to achieve a gorgeous look.
Sleek-straight hair with blunt bangs
Super sleek and straight long tresses with a blunt cut can do a lot to enhance your beauty. Fine cut bangs or fringes which are bent slightly inwards at the ends create a vintage look whereas the layered tresses throughout which are cut in different length layers provide a modern look.
Style Mantra:
    If your hair is naturally straight then you can easily get into this style. Apply a small proportion of styling lotion or a thickening hair spray and then blow dry your tresses with your fingers to remove excess moisture from them.
    After that smooth your tresses using a blow dryer and a large barrel brush.
    Sprinkle a small amount of hairspray to add texture and hold to the hairstyle.
    If you have natural wavy hair, then you can make use of straightening iron to straight them or you can get them chemically treated.
Who can wear this style?
The haircut is great for those having an oval or square shaped face. The blunt bangs can reduce the length of the oblong face whereas the well defined layers can accentuate the bone structure. The haircut can work best with almost any hair type fine to medium or straight to wavy hair.
Styling tip:
Apply the hairstyling products using hands in order to avoid applying too much in one area. Also blow dry your tresses in the direction you want your tresses to fall. You can also make use of a hair straightener if needed.
Long layered wavy hairstyle with sassy side fringe
This is one of the most preferred hairstyle for women having long tresses with side fringes as this hairstyle brings a well defined and fuller look to the face. The hairstyle accentuates the facial features as well reduces the width of the forehead.
Style Mantra:
Rub a volumizing mousse or styling lotion through towel-dried tresses from root to the tip.
After the excessive moisture is eradicated, blow dry your tresses using a large round brush. Lift your tresses at the roots to add some volume to fine tresses while drying and then wrap your bangs around the brush to flip them out.
Once your tresses are completely dry, wrap the bottom half of your tresses around a hot curling iron. Rake your fingers through the waves to separate them.
Now mist your tresses with a strong hold spray to give a finish to the style.
Image Credit:Sophie Louise Davis
Who can wear this style?
The haircut is great for those having oval shaped face. The long and side swept bangs can shorten the length of the face whereas the layers will accentuate the bone structure. The hairstyle works best for the women having fine and straight hair.
Veronica waves
The waves set beautifully on long hair remind of the famous Hollywood actress Veronica Lake. Her blonde haircut during the 1940s was considered as the most glamorous hairstyle.
Style Mantra:
Start with damp or dry clean hair. Apply a small proportion of styling lotion or a thickening spray and blow dry your tresses with your fingers to remove excess moisture from them.
Now smooth your tresses with a blow dryer and a large round brush.
Create a side part and curl the ends of your tresses throughout using a large curling iron or large hot rollers in the same direction to create one wave.
After that take a small section of your tresses closest to the front across the top above your forehead.
Now slide the iron to create fine curls under and up to the scalp. After that wrap your tresses around the curling iron once.
Flip the curling iron over and slide it down and wrap the tresses around once.
Repeat the above steps until you are just above the under curl at the bottom.
Create waves only in the front or on either side of the face, so that the waves are created in similar direction.

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