Name: Gülce

From: Turkey
Age: 13

She is wearing the ELLE Modern Moto Jacket, Fallen Angel Tube Top, Antidote Striped Skater Skirt, Miss Sixty Fishnet Tights, and for shoes Bonjour Bizou Platform Pumps.

Hey USD! I’m Jessica and will be posting Captured every Tuesday! I chose this outfit because I think the outfit is cute. The purple and black go very well together. The outfit would be nice even without the tights. The jacket was a nice touch and the purple bow goes nice with the outfit! This outfit would be nice for going out at night or with friends. Overall I love this outfit because it’s cute and fashionable of course!

Opinions from the Captured team:

Mote-mee: Wow, this is a really cute outfit! And that jacket is awesome. The skirt looks a bit like candy, and the colors are really nice together. The fishnet tights makes the outfit a bit challenging, and the pretty little ribbon makes it all really feminine and innocent.

It’s perfect for a party, or just a late night on the town. Perfect! 🙂

Anastasiarts: I think your outfit is very nice, it’s elegant and girly! I personally love purple and I think it looks really nice in an outfit with black 🙂

Amber_Doll: The first thing I notice about this outfit is the contrasting colors of purple and black which go very well together. I really like the skirt and the way it matched the hair bow. I don’t think the outfit really needs the tights and if I was being picky I would add a necklace or purse but they are only small things. Overall it’s very nice outfit.

LovelyHula: I like it! I really do , I like the touch of purple with all that black (:

Well what do you think?

Watch out dollies, you might get captured…. 😉

xoxo jpstar24


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