Captured: FASHi0N.Queen.


From: New Zealand

Age: 19

She is wearing Fallen Angel faux hair scarf, Elle paneled pleather top, Elle layered miniskirt, Bizou hot buys garter tank, Fallen Angel hot buys belt and DKNY patent leather lace-up boots.

Hi there USD readers my name is Amber_doll and I hope you enjoy our very first captured post. As you may have already guessed the idea of this project is to find fashionable dolls amongst the stardoll community. Each day myself and the other members of the captured team will be presenting an outfit that caught our eyes. Who knows it could be you someday so make sure you all have your best outfits on… So let’s get started on the outfit I choose this week which was created by FASHi0N.QUEEN.

The reason I chose this outfit is because it really has the wow factor for me. Sometimes when people create outfits they layer too many items on top of one another and the outfit ends up looking very OTT but she have gotten the layering of this outfit absolutely perfect. The mixes of materials work so beautifully together. The combination of dark colours might not be to everyone’s taste but for me this outfit has no faults. Creative, beautiful yet still very wearable I love it!

Now let’s see what the other members of the captured team thinks about it.

Jpstar135 – I really like this outfit! It’s very black though…I like the fur scarf (I think it’s a scarf) and the belt. Maybe she could have added a colorful belt, just so there’s some color. I like the outfit overall! It’s tough and edgy.

mote-mee – I think this outfit is amazing! Every piece looks fantastic. When I look at this outfit I feel like I know your personality. That is very dark and creative. Because that is what it is… creative! I love how you have used the hotbuys body as a belt. It’s fantastic! The best outfit I have seen in a while. And it’s something with the contrasts… the dark outfit against the white skin. It looks beautiful!

Anastasiarts – I think it’s too black for me but it still looks fabulous! It is very well-made and everything is carefully selected to match the others. I like it!

LovelyHula – I like it but it’s just too black for me.

So that concludes our very first captured post. What did you think of the outfit I choose?

Watch out dollies, you might get captured…



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