About USD’s Next Project!!

People keep asking me when i will announce the winner…i get lots of mails considering this is the only one Spot on USD…still haven’t got through everyone’s entry. i know many people want a spot on USD but the best will win. The most Inspiring, Different and Fun Project will win. People that are sending something that is already part of usd or has happened before hdo not have much chance. The Competition is Fierce. I have read very intresting ideas on projects.

Writing This Post to inform you that:
1.The winner hasn’t been chosen yet
2.You can still aply by sending your project on USDproject@hotmail.com
3.You can Send MORE THAN ONE Project…many people have already done it.
4.You have to be specific….and remember….THIS IS A PROJECT….NOT JUST A COLUMN OF USD!!!!…you need to say how it is going to happen…rules(if there are)….etc etc

….you can still be the one…..
 more infos >>>HERE<<<

So who is it going to be?

…xoxo MSM


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