Like It or NOT

Here i am with my new column….i will be examining and reviewing  things that happened  the week that passed…things we liked and things we didn’t. Many times i will personally ask your opinion on the reviews i’m preparing.
I will Start with the things that i liked….after all i always prefered the good news first…
What i Liked the most this week and yes i won’t hide it was that our blog was Feautured in Sea of Stars….USD loves Stardoll…that’s why the existance of it and we definetely Love it when they interacting with us…apparently stardoll loves USD too. 
This week we had also the release of Moshino Tribute and though the collection in all was mediocre, (with the Teal Dress on the second floor being the worst piece of the whole Collection) colourful outfits, headbands and sunglasses brought you what you need for your 2011 Summer in order to Shine… 
 We didn’t like that people From Australia weren’t able to access the site….but as i read in the official stardoll blog it was not “on their hands”. Stardoll should find ways to resolve these problems faster.
The most annoying thing on stardoll on the last months….actually from the summer of 2010 is that the clothes of Tribute Stores cost WAY too much!!! Taking from Mochino that we had this week…i mean 10 Stardollars for a headband?…we used to buy RB dresses with 10 stardollars….remember Vivienne Tam anyone?…well the prices on stardoll has gone up not only in Tribute stores but also in clothes(…sometimes ugly) that are released in the Regular Stardoll Shops…..I making my point on the Tribute Stores….because the (graphic) quality of the clothes are not the best (sometimes intentionally)….so why paying much for mediocre products?
Apparently not much happened but they were enough for me to start writing my thoughts….
Got a question for you dollies…
What was the best and worst thing that happened to you this week on stardoll?
…xoxo MSM

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