Make up tip / Vote / Win

Hello my dear make up post followers!!!
Hope you are all doing well today, cause the make up post is here!!

Previous winner was: Lolpopmenina
CONGRATULATIONS!!! (p.s. she’s non superstar. A proof that non superstars can win in this competition as well. )

And now I wanna show you some J.lo looks that Iamtheanonymous user did . I couldnt decide which was the best + I couldnt include her to the poll cause she was a recent winner. So I decided not to waist her looks and show them to you again to see her talent on Makeovers :
As for the poll?

FIRSTLY: Sarah9o4 donated 180 Stardollars to our post! That means we continue to have big prizes here thanx to you !!!! So a big big big Thank you to Sarah that gifted the stardollars to you guys!!! (the Sds will be used after Emma’s donation run out 🙂 )

So it is time for you to decided who the winner will be!! >>>>

100 Stardollars Winner???

If you want to donate for next Saturday contact sa…gataki !!

Make up tip : Audrey Hepburn ( thnx to Finikas for the idea )

Do you like it??
xoxo sa…gataki

For next week’s make up collage:

Send me your make up through tinypic/ photobucket/ Facebook (to Sa gataki) or tell me to look in your suite.

Make up theme : ” Avril Lavigne”


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