Diedre’s Hair Story

Fellow blogger Diedre Callam talks about her Natural Hair Story –

“I created my blog,  keepitkinky.blogspot.com, for those who want options for managing their natural hair in any way that they desire.

I’m quietly emotional and extremely expressive. My often hidden explorative personality constantly oozes out of my scalp, nurturing the myriad of hairstyles I have done in the past five years. I’ve been locked-natural thrice, loose-natural about 4 times and relaxed about 2. Oh yeah, and I don’t play with ideas of cutting my hair off. I just do it. I’ll say what need not be said though, natural hair generally wins for me and is my preference. Right now I am newly braid-locked and loving it. If I could give a newly natural one piece of advice, it would be to love yourself. I don’t mean the you that people see, I mean the you that is stripped down and clean every morning after a shower. Love that you and embrace your assets and your flaws. Self acceptance is the key to accepting more than just your natural hair but the natural you.”  To learn  more about Diedre, check out her blog Keep It Kinky

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