USD PARTY: Best Dressed!!!

With our list going to 150 people at the same time (imagine sum of the people that actually dropped by)!!! the party was sure a success…the Dress Code was BEACH WEAR….we wanted to see your swim suits…the way that a stylish medoll goes to a beach party…out of all those people here are the Best Dressed
(Click Each Photo to Enlarge)

Now as i have said the Best Dressed will be part of USD Team with the column “Captured”
What you didn’t know is that the “Captured” column will be DAILY and when i was reffering to best dressed i was reffering to the TOP 5 BEST DRESSED
Captured Team will be desiding on the person to post DAILY and one by one make a post!!
Who is Going to deside for the Top 5 Best Dressed of the Party?

See the pictures above carefully then choose your favourite
( already USD writers are excluded from the positions of Captured Team but they are “playing” in the poll)

<br /> <a href=””>Who’s The Best Dressed?</a><br />

Congratulations to all of you….more parties to come…

…xoxo MSM


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