Glitch: Miss Sixty In StarBazaars

Just came across something which could be both useful and bad.
Miss Sixty in Starplaza AND starbazaars
So lets go onto pros and cons..
The Good: If for example you see a 15sd pair of shoes but don’t have enough you could come across them again in the starbazaar for cheaper, a price you can afford. By searching the starbazaar and buying all the Miss Sixty cheaper could save you a lot of money, but you’d have to search really hard.
The Bad: If you decide to sell Miss Sixty and you have not read this post you could be selling Miss Sixty cheaper which causes loss of profit to you. It’s the tradition to sell things more expensive than the original price, we all know that, but you never know when you’re having a total off day with numbers. Another bad thing is you could be searching the bazaar and see a dress you like, (OP: 20sd, SBP: 45sd) and you might buy it. By doing that you could end up with no money whatsoever and get it cheaper in store. Be careful.
Right, pleaseeee don’t forget that!


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