Must Have of the week

Hello everyone! I think that I’ll keep Friday for the Must have of the week for now. Yes, I have the best outfits of last week.. wanna see them?
Here they are:

Lovely ones right? I love all that summer breeze that the outfits bring to me. Don’t you feel the same :>?

About this week’s must have.. it’s something special. My love for McQueen designs is obvious now 😀 It’s not a dress how it usually was, but I believe that those are MASTERPIECES!

This one is the Stardoll version

And this one is the real life. I love them even more in real version! Check them out

I LOVE THEM! And I think that they are the Must-haves of this summer! Don’t you love them too?
Wear them! I want the best from you for this must have item! They give you the liberty to choose anything that can match the shoes! I want your imagination! Wow me!

Upload your outfit and leave the link in comments:)

x Ioana


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