Must Have of the week is back!

Well well well.. it’s kinda weird do write again for USD, it’s been a very long time since I last wrote about The Must Have of the week, and I missed it so much. But now, finally school is over and i have all the time in the world (well not really all of it) to spend it here with you, my lovely readers! I just wanna apologize for this long time you have been waiting for the last dress finalists 🙂

Btw.. I want to change the day of the Must Have of the week, because on Fridays a lot of things happen and I can’t post too often. So please tell me which day would you like it to be in comments 🙂

And now, the reason you all have been waiting for…pam-pam-pam The must have of the week finalists!

Voila! To apologize, again, I would like to offer a 10 sd prize (I know it’s not too much but whatever 😀 ) to the finalists that ask for the prize in my guestbook on Stardoll (HERE)

And this week’s Must Have I choose, I think I picked it because, you know all that summer holiday and stuff I feel right now and the fact that I’m back, it’s a summer dress I really like. It’s the HBs flower dress from Bisou. I really love all that flower print and the shape. It gives me that summer feeling I totally adore! Dare to wear it! and send me the link of your outfit uploaded on Tinypic or Imgur .
The best 6 outfits will appear in the next Must Have of the week post!

And one more thing. I would love to hear your suggestions to make this segment better. I wanna know what you would like to see here and it would be very important for me because readers are a writer’s most important thing, and you guys are important for me!

That’s all! Thanks for reading and I’ll be waiting for you to inspire me!

♥ Ioana ♥

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