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Hair Fashion Trends

Seasons change, and along with the seasons so does hair. There are a lot of different hairstyles that come and go, than there are some hair trends that have strong staying power, some hairstyles will have flair and pizzazz, while some hairstyles will remain soft and feminine. There are a lot of different hair fashion trends, because people are so diverse. However if you want to know the most popular hair fashion trends for the great 2008, there are many to choose from. Short or long you will definitely find a hairstyle for you.
Hair Fashion #1: The Bob Hairstyles

Bob is one classic hairstyle that is loved by many, and seems to never go out of style, no matter how hard you try. There will always be a bob on a top ten list somewhere. This is one hair fashion trend that has strong staying power and most likely will look great in a short medium cut, with lots of highlights, especially for those warmer months.
Hair Fashion #2: Sleek Side Parting

this is a very simple look that can be done by simply, taking one side of your hair with a regular comb, and creating a part on the side of your main. Usually this look is accompanied by a soft ponytail or an elegant chignon, or the hair is just laying flat in sedu type look.
Hair Fashion #3: Get More Feminine Look

Feminine bringing back the 30’s and 40’s, women will want to get more in touch with their feminine side, by styling their hair in soft and stylish waves. Wearing low chignons and defined and stylish bangs that are usually in an intricate but simple design.

Hair Fashion #4: The Fringe Hair Style

The Fringe is a popular hairstyle that is a simple look that still makes a bold statement, where most of the hair lays flat and than the front of the mane is cut into a full voluminous bang with fringed edges that usually fall below your forehead right before your eyes, some people are daring and wear the look longer than it should be.

Hair Fashion #5: Dare to Wear Short Hairstyles

Masculine some women dare to be brave and make a statement that they can still is sexy, defined, sophisticated, sleek and stylish and they don’t need an extravagant hairstyle to pull of a courageous and super hot look. Slicked back hair and short crops will definitely complete the masculine look.
Hair Fashion #6: The Crop Haircut for Women

The crop is a bold and sophisticated look, that most women with confidence wear proudly and knowing that they are the talk of the town. The crop is a fun and flirty look that is easy to maintain and style. Most people choose crops for the warmer months, because of its breezy style.


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