Take care: Hairstyle has a big effect

More than 70 percent of women living in the united kingdom admitted that their hairstyle has a big effect on their self-confidence, a poll has revealed. research which was made by a company viviscal found out, that almost 30 percent of women have destroyed some photos because they were embarrassed of the hairstyle they had a that time.
While celebrity and fashion trends undoubtedly make higher and more provocative standards, in built mind sets play a key part in determining what is  and what is not considered to be fashionable look. According to the poll 36 percent of women thinks that, jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle is the best in the celebrity world, second place goes to victoria Backham with 29 percent and the third place went to Kelie minogue with 10 percent, Amy Winehouse got 7 percent of votes.

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